Monday, March 2, 2015


"semoga Allah meredhainya...."

Rezeki itu adalah dari Allah. Dalam genggamanNya.

Syukur Allah temukan aku dengan Associate Professor yang tak kedekut ilmu.


Dear Dr Jose,

Thank you very much for helping me in my final year project for my presentation VIVA. 
I'm so thankful because I manage to present it and answer the questions from examiner. Even there's a lot more to improve, I dont think that I manage to do like today without your guidance and assistance.
I owe you so much and may God bless you and family.

Thank you again.


Dear Ezan,

Sorry for the late reply.
Don’t mention it! You were brilliant in the presentation (I was watching you, although not from inside) and also during the questions jys because your work. You are good.
The only thing puzzled a bit to me was the reference to debris flows because the floating clasts. I think they are just a result of the evolving turbiditic flow, and not a separtete debris flow event. But the reviewer seemed to be happy with your interpretation, so… no problem!

I took different books about turbidites, to check in depth what the Petronas reviewer dais about the nomenclature of the submarine fans. I would like to check this out with you.

I consider he was particularly unfair with your fellow Hadi. He did not deserve such a hard treatment.

Have a nice weekend, and may God bless you and your family as well.

Warm wishes,

José Antonio

Dan bila aku jumpa dia kt UTP, dia try nak masukkan aku dalam event yang sepatutnya dikenakan bayaran. Aku memang tak pergi sebab takde duit. Tapi dia try tnya lecturer yang incharge event tu. Even tak dapat join, aku bersyukur ada lecturer yang baik hati macam ni.

Dear Ezan,

I asked to David Menier and he sent me an answer that I do not understand. I have asked him clarification but nothing yet.
Do you understand the answer to my question? See below both.

One possibility is you show up tomorrow and see what happens.
Venue is at the undercroft (room number, I don’t know), Chancellor Complex.

Another possibility is to wait for an answer.



P. S.: I am leaving home in half an hour or so. I cannot check this e-mail at home. Use better <>

Dear David,

My question is, could she just attend Tapponnier’s talk? If you think it may be embarrassing for the organisation, I’ll understand.

No she can come

So sorry too busy

See you tomorrow


Owh. The venue undercroft is at front of the IRC,the library. I'm sure you notice the stairs that going down between the library and the Chancellor Hall. So,undercroft is beneath the circulation at the centre.
I think he want to reply
No she cant come.
(he left the T word.)
It's okey sir. I understand the rules n regulations.
Best regards;


Yes, I know the place. Thanks for the hint.

Yes, the missing “t” is a possibility, but I’d like he confirms. (I hate missunderstandings).


Kadang2, benda kecik bawa byk erti pada seseorang. Sebab tu kena selalu buat kebaikan tak kira besar atau kecik. :)

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