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11.      Drilling.

-          Drilling is the most important thing that we should understand apart of the geology that we learnt before. However, this technical subject that we might forget as we learnt it few years back need to be polished as soon as we step at this department. Learn from Youtube, and shared drives. The fastest, learn from seniors.

22.       drilling Jargon Words.

-          Master the jargon words and all the mnemonics. When we conquer the language, it is much easier to understand the drilling programs. Plus, the jargon word is not only used by department or PETRONAS, it’s the ‘lingua franca’ for the oil and gas industry. Read the DDR and all reports and try to understand them. It is very crucial to understand every word and number stated.

33.       Urgent and Important.

-          Feel the work is urgent and important. The slides and reports need to be finished before meeting, the problems need to be solved and understand before people ask in the meeting. The daily 11am meeting is the meeting where our few minutes presentations show our understanding and seriousness in work.

44.       Own it!

-          How can we say ‘we don’t know’ if we claim ‘we own it!’? The well that has been assigned to us need to ‘take care’ with all our hearts and we should hold it tight until we unable to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not sure’ when people strikes with lots of questions during the meeting. We also admit every mistake that we made. Imagine that we own the well, and it ours!

55.       Above the line.

-          Every work need to be done above the line and exceed the expectation. Everyone has different pace of learning, whether slow or fast, but one thing for sure, if we work above the line, all the work can be done successfully. The perseverance, and the mental need to be prepared prior attend the meeting. People might purposely humiliate, might kill us with killer and burning questions, made us sh*t in our pants, they tend to make us sweat in the meeting and make us feel down until we barely to have our lunch after the meeting. Above all, be optimistic and don’t let ourselves below the line.

66.       Teamwork.

-          People said the TEAM means Together Everybody Achieve More. And we won’t achieve the best result if we don’t have the teamwork and mutual trust among the teammates. Handling the exploration and development wells have their own challenges and everyone need to contribute their best to the team. The teammates should be fun to work with and despite all the problems that will be faced and the superior or others might not satisfied with the results, the blame should be taken by all the teammates without finger pointing to anyone. Working as ‘silo’ need to be avoided as it will make the team less trust each other. Speak up if there is problem, not posting in social media or make another group whatsapp perhaps in other to talk bad about someone in the team. The best team is when each of the member believe each other and achieve the success together.

77.       Ask seniors.

-          We shouldn’t have the feeling that people will look us down if you know nothing. All the freshies need to remove the feeling and perception that the seniors will angry if we cannot understand the process just like they expected. Ask before meeting or after lunch all the things that we do not understand. Some seniors prefer we do searching and have few ideas before we ask the concept or they might accuse us as lazy, but there also some seniors don’t mind if we have zero knowledge on that matter. Recognize the senior that have this behaviour and ask accordingly. We don’t know what the seniors face during their junior time and we should respect them as someone knowledgeable and have more experiences than us.

88.      Communication.

-          Learn how to communicate with the OPG especially when deal with international wells. Some OPG might provide us insufficient data and do not answer all the inquiries. It will give bad effect in the meeting and cause our work not smoothly as we planned. Know the do and don’t when communicate with the respective OPG. Ask seniors. Double check with senior in office before send the email. Build the chemistry between the XGOs and OPG so that all members at the same page and ground.

99.       Knowledge sharing.

-          The ritual Wednesday knowledge sharing session might give you benefit, but sometimes it might give you obsessive knowledge which hard for you to understand and digest. Grab the chances to ask questions to the presenters. Besides, we can initiate to make our informal knowledge sharing with seniors. Pick one topic to discuss and bring the case study from our well to discuss with. It is not only give benefit for all the newcomers, but it also make the relationship between seniors and juniors better.


-          Don’t take for granted on our work. Every single word and number is counted. Be perfectionist is good but being too much and extreme perfectionist can harm the team as there are a lot thing need to be covered to. Recognize the work and part that need to be prioritized and make sure preparation shall be made before the meeting. Master in Microsoft word and excel is necessary. Ask seniors to double check the sentences in the presentation slides, the jargon words used and the concept that has been understand from the DDR. Avoid mistakes especially the simple one!

*XGO dalam kenangan*

Ezan Izzah
Ex-XGO (Oct 2015 - March 2016) KLCC
Recently, Engineer Petronas Sarawak.


"semoga Allah meredhainya...."



So before korang decide nak sambung master dalam UTP, make sure korang dah timbang tara banyak sebanyak-banyaknya in which niche area yang korang akan kaji and have fun with it probably. Contoh kalau dalam geology, korang nak dalam fossil? Biostratigrpahy? Sedimentology? Or seismic? So pikir masak-masak sebab bear in mind yang korang akan habeskan masa setahun hingga kedua tahun untuk blaja pasal ni sampai muntah and demam mungkin. Ahah.


“Sir, would like to be my supervisor?” melutut depan lecturer sambil pegang form untuk sign.

So, this is very important part. Make sure kenal lecturer ni kalau boleh. Lecturer yang akan tolong korang going through thick and thin. Kalau aku, aku akan pilih lecturer yang jaga student walaupun dia takde pangkat tinggi sehingga professor. Much better, bincang dengan supervisor tajuk yang korang nak pilih tu so dat dia bleh bagi idea and pendapat yang make sense yang bleh applicable dalam industry. Kalau supervisor tu takde student lain bawah dia dan korang la yang pertama, maka itu petanda yang baik sebab korang akan dijaga dan ditatang seperti minyak yang penuh. (eh?). 

Some lecturers also ada project dgn industry such as Petronas or Shell, and dis is bonus kalau dapat buat master yang related dgn project tu. Bukan saje master tu terbukti terpakai di industry, elaun bulanan pun bertambah mengalahkan orang yang makan gaji dan bekerja. So, pergi propose lecturer korang cepat!


Pergi kat web UTP, and tgk requirement yang dia perlukan. There are a lot of documents that you have to provide and email to them. Dan paling penting, tanya pada registra unit, bila TARIKH AKHIR utk hantar documents tu for a certain semester intake. Reason behind it sebab ur details akan dibincangkan and approved by the high department which will take a longgg time. Registra after received and processed ur application, they usually just tunggu approval from the department untuk panggil korg for the intake. 

Let's say, kalau nak masuk JULY INTAKE, you have to send your documents segala macam mak nenek tu by APRIL utk registra proses. Ko kena ingat bukan ko sorang je yang hantar application nak masuk university ni. So bertimbang rasa sikit kalau registra ni buat kerja macam ko nampak slow mcm siput. Katakan yang dorang akan proses application tu by hujung MEI, dorang akan hntr application yang layak sahaja pada department kt atas utk approval and finalize. so, meeting tu mybe dorang set up awal/tgh JUN dan releasekan the final candidates yang leh pursue for JULY INTAKE. So, pergi call registra tnya bila due utk process document semua for certain intake so dat u can prepare sume documents dalam masa yang ditetapkan.

4.       4)CARI MEMBER

Hidup master korang takkan indah tanpa member yang akan turut sama berjuang dalam arena yg korang2 je faham. Cari member utk buat master sama2, tak pun try la gi facebook master and tanya publicly kot2 ada yg sambung master jugak. Takpun, gi la tnya mana2 senior random university tu and minx dia kenal kan dgn mana2 member dia samada senior or junior yg sama field dgn korg. Bleh buat member and mana taw leh tlg waktu awal2 utk accommodation and transportation ke. Buat master ni bukan senang, ada masa ko rajin, slalu nya akan mls terutama bila nak baca research paper. So member yg baik akan selalu remind about ur progress and korg leh keep updated each other about research proposal defence, thesis, experiments, fieldtrips, labs, and etc.


Standard la awal2 masuk, korang akan dapat fail tebal psl KIT Master which bgtau details perjalanan korang. Plez baca satu2 amende dlm tu. Kena taw bila korang kena buat Research Proposal Defences (RPD) presentation? bila biannual conference utk update progress master/phd? Bila kelas Research Methodology yg wajib kena amik? Bila nak daftar kelas? Allowances General Assistances (GA- korang patut apply time isi borg online UTP) bila bleh dapat n apa syarat2 kena buat every month? Bila conference international will be held and bila kena submit abstract? Bila permohonan myBrain akan dibuka and apa syarat2 kelayakan?

Senang cite, gi la approach mana2 senior and tnya dia amende korang kena prepare. BE PROACTIVE! So senang keje korang, leh buat skali harung administration ni sume sbb frankly speaking benda ni mmg take lots time and leceh la jugak. Manage your time and plan you master wisely.

Good luck utk semua yg sambung postgraduate.

Part-time Msc Petroleum Geosciences UTP (Research)